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Same Time. Same Place. New Name. New Space.

Desperation Student Ministries(_DSM) is the name that will encompass all ministries to students at New Life. Tonight, we will launch a service for Junior High students and a separate one for High School students.

Prayer will be at 5:30 in the Activity Center.
Service starts at 7pm for both age groups.
Late night party starts at 8:30pm.

Worship. Pray. Bible. Play. Should be fun. See you tonight.

Boomer Sooner

Sorry for the random post about sports...but I'm liking this!

Pray For The Prayer Summit

On Thursday, comrades from across the country are arriving in Colorado Springs for a few days to pray together. I'm surprised by the stirring in my heart right now. These leaders represent thousands of teens. Please pray for our time together.
1. Pray that we are united around Jesus. It's easy to unite around similar occupations, creative methods and innovative ideas. There is nothing wrong with those things. Yet, I am believing for a time together where Jesus is what we talk about and the reason for gathering.
2. Pray that comparisons wouldn't appear. It's so easy for events like this to be filled with comparison and discouragement. That's the opposite of what we are aiming for. Pray for unity and camaraderie.
3. Pray for a spiritual awakening in America. May that be the heartbeat of our gathering. We need a genuine move of God in our student ministries across the nation.
Thanks for your prayers. Stories, ideas and initiatives from the prayer summit will be posted soon.

Turn Seminar: For Parents of Teens at New Life Church

Dear Parent,
Thank you for sending you teen each week to New Life. Thank you for dropping them off and picking them up. Thank you for trusting your student to NLC worship leaders, pastors and volunteers. As a parent of four children, I understand the importance of each evening. We are grateful that you trust us to encourage, equip and challenge your son or daughter.

When I was a teenager, my father sculpted a strategy to make disciples of his four children. He possessed a core conviction that he must carry out the great commission by making disciples of his family, city, etc. As a result, I possess a similar conviction. One of the most strategic ways to equip your teenager to be a wholehearted follower of Jesus is to encourage you. Therefore, Desperation Student Ministries will be hosting a “TURN” seminar every few months to serve parents. We aim to assist you in raising remarkable teens by providing an environment for you to connect with other Christian parents, point you to great resources, provide Biblical teaching and keep you updated with the vision of Desperation Student Ministries.

The name “Turn” comes from Malachi 4:6. We hope to see God turn the hearts of parents to students and students to parents. Pastor Brady Boyd will speak at our first seminar on Saturday, May 22nd. We will also worship together and pray for the teens of our church and city. I will share on some upcoming events and groups aimed at effective evangelism and discipleship. We will start at 10am and conclude noon. Join us a little early for a light breakfast and to connect with the Student Ministry staff. Call or email Jeni Mason at 265-3149 or jmason@newlifechurch.org with any questions.

I’m excited about the days ahead. May God give us strength to raise up an army of young men and women that live as fully devoted followers of Jesus.

1K Campaign_Destiny Rescuing Destiny

Heartwork from Desperation Band on Vimeo.

Launching this summer at Desperation Conference.

Joy Unspeakable

Today, my son was born. Justus David Paul Perkins was born at 2:44pm on April 6,2010. He was 8 lbs and 2 ounces.
My heart is beating so fast. It's hard to keep from smiling over and over again. Few words describe the unspeakable joy I feel tonight. Renata and I are so thankful that God has blessed us with our little family.
My older son, Dawson (age 5), sang spontaneous songs on the way to the hospital about his new brother. The girls were happy, but Dawson was giddy tonight when he held his brother that was only hours old. He kept saying, "I've got a brother, ya, ya, ya." We are all overjoyed. As this glorious day comes to a close, my heart is dancing in my chest.
Of course, I'm pondering the delight our heavenly Father takes in His children as well. It's an impossible parallel to ignore on a day like today. I'm so thankful to have a Heavenly Father that loves, delights, sings and rejoices over His children. Truly, we have a glorious Father that feels delight and spontaneously sings over His children.

Out Of Ashes

This is a moment that I believe God is doing something far bigger than we can see. Last night, as we prayed for Lewis Palmer High School, students wept, prayed and took over 200 tickets to give to friends. Each ticket represents someone from LPHS that will see the story of Jesus. Each prayer is heard by God (Daniel 10). Every tear was collected by God (Psalm 56). Last night, God worked in our tribe.
TAG, I'm excited to believe and contend for a move of God at LPHS and the other schools in the city. The greatest way to remember Levi is to run hard after God, love your friends, and pray for a move of God in your school...like Levi did. Let's honor God and remember Levi with our lives.
God makes things beautiful that seem like ashes (Isaiah 61). He's up to something beautiful right now.

Proud of you guys. Honored to serve Jesus with you.

Memorial Service and Facebook for Levi Patrick

Memorial Service for Levi Patrick:
Tuesday, April 6, 2010. 3pm.
New Life Church
11025 Voyager Parkway
Colorado Springs, CO 80921

Also, leave a tribute for Levi on Facebook.