Missionaries to Nepal

Lastnight, Renata and I had Caleb and Emily Spear over for Dinner. They were 18 year old core leaders when we launched theFurnace almost seven years ago. Today, they are married and missionaries in Nepal. As we spent an evening together, my faith grew. Sometimes, it's so easy to see my own little world in Colorado. Caleb spoke of the region where they were working, idols, false religions, murder, theft, and the great need for radical, Christ-like missionaries. Renata and I felt like we were dining with heroes of the faith. I know, they are only 25, but they are impacting a dark piece of the planet.

Their little boy, Zion, is the exact same age as my little girl. They are raising their son in Nepal. Wow, what a heritage...Caleb and Emily prayed at the Desperaiton 06 Conference right after UNITED led worship. They prayed for more missionaries to in our generation...Caleb's speaking at theFurnace gathering tonight. May God raise up 10,000 more young heralders of the gospel like Caleb and Emily.

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