Tell Your Story @!

I love when David carried Goliath's head around after he had killed him (1 Sam 17). It was a trophy that God had defeated the enemy. Though graphic, it's a reminder to the world that God reigns. The Desperation gang wants to tell the world about how our God reigns. We want to do it through your story. Your story matters. Your story of how God enabled you to overcome sin is a statement that our God wins/reigns/rules/rocks! ~David Post your story.

Here's what Jon Egan (Desperation Band) hast to say about it-
Revelations 12:11 says, "They overcame him by the blood of the lamb and by the word of their testimony, and they did not love their lives so much as to shrink from death."

There is great strength when we combine the power of the cross with the power of our story. Your story may be big or small. It doesn't matter. Your story can be the difference for someone in need. Your story could be the very thing someone needed to hear to determine the path of his or her life. We live in a broken world with broken values. It is inevitable that storms of life will come. If we apply the word of God to our lives we will be the house that is built on a rock. The rock is truth. The rock is Christ. The storms may come and go but we will be standing at the end. We will be standing with a story. The stories need to be told; The stories of healing and freedom, the stories of hardship and difficulties, the stories of authority and victory. We are over comers. The death and resurrection of Jesus tells us that. The miracle of Christ in us gives us each something to say. Say it... and watch yourself overcome!

I used to be paralyzed by fear and anxiety but now I walk in victory and boldness. For those of you who can relate, you can overcome. What is it that God helped you break free from? The world needs to hear it. It's your story and nothing and no one can deny it. The cross is truth and nothing and no one can deny it. Together, we can let the 2 greatest stories ever told overcome evil. We will overcome.

Read the stories of others and be encouraged. Be healed. Be set free.

Tell us your story and allow it to be the change in this world.

Changing the world is possible. All we have to do is speak up.

Jon Egan