Living The Vow- Carnality and Concerts versus Communion and Consecration

We had a phenomenal weekend with theFurnace at a hotel this weekend in downtown Denver. Ironically, there was a concert downtown that brought many twentysomethings to our hotel. Thus, our students flooded the lobby with Bibles, journals, accountability groups and coffe cups. On the other hand, the elevators and halls were filled with concert goers. Most had been drinking and mocked some of my team. Many of our students had the chance to talk with them. Dan Perkins led a prayer time for each of them to have an encounter with God. Dark is dark. Light is light. One hotel worker came to our ball room and told me he liked hanging out near our team because it just "felt better" than the rest of the hotel.

Of course, this created a great opportunity for theFurnace to be around people that needed Jesus. I enjoyed that part of it. Additionally, it made me proud of my team. Many were in that lifestyle not long ago. Now, they have been rescued into the light of salvation and are daily making choices to be Christ followers.

Here's what I saw: the lusts of the age gratified those students for just the weekend. They left the weekend with the weekend itself being the pinnacle of their week. On the other hand, Christ grants strength. Our team left spiritually strengthened and looking to a greater pinnacle in the future. We faced Monday morning with renewed passion and purpose. Which, in my assesment, is a greater way to live.

On Friday evening, the accountability groups went through a prayer labyrinth with 9 stations. We expected them to be done in two hours. However, some groups went for well over three. Thus, it was the only event of the evening. On Saturday, we focused on desperate pursuit, focused life, and concluded with consecrated heart. A great weekend. Finally, Sunday morning we had a dynamic ministry time where God softened many hearts. I loved it.

Christ is all. He is the better choice than the lusts of the age. We must possess great resolve to be light and to take that light to the lost. Lost living looked miserable to me this weekend. It's a reminder that the dark needs the light and fills me with gratitude to be one that has seen The Great Light. Christ is all.

Dan Perkins led most of the weekend. He and the desperation interns made it happen. Great job friends!