Desperation Leadership Academy (2 become 1).

God's called us to reach a generation. To more effectively do that, here is one of the changes taking place at New Life Church:

There is excitement on the horizon and amazing opportunities on the way for you, as 2 incredible internships have just merged into one power house internship on the New Life Church campus. For those of you who may not know, the Desperation Internship (DI) is currently a subsidiary of the Desperation conferences, the national expression of the student ministries of New Life Church. DI emphasizes a call to prayer and reaching this generation. On the other hand, 24/7 Leadership Academy is a leadership training academy within the local church emphasizing a global perspective. Both target discipling and training young people to become godly leaders. Combining 24/7 Leadership Academy and Desperation Internship into Desperation Leadership Academy creates an intensive learning environment through the local church that raises up young leaders through a focus on the call to reach a generation through prayer, worship and a desperate pursuit of God.

Some changes are:

A new name: Desperation Leadership Academy
The calendar year: We are moving to an 8 month, January – August program. Doing so allows us to be better stewards of our home sponsor relationships, provide more financial options for the students, and give freedom to pursue education in the Fall semesters when DLA is not in session.
First/Second Year Focus: The primary focus of first year DLA students will be the mobilization and development of leaders. Second year students will learn how to lead leaders and develop discipleship relationships.
Living Options: First year students will continue to live with home sponsors and second year students will now live in apartments or dorm style accommodations.