Wow...16 days since last post. yikes!

Fantastic Furnace banquet last week. It's really fun to see parents drive a long way to see thier son or daughter graduate from theFurnace. These students have been so faithful to pray | seek God | be accountable |serve over the past year. This was our 15th banquet. So, I'm starting to feel a bit old. God's been faithful to bring young worship leaders and intercessors over the years.

My brother in law, Matt Candler, spent last Sunday with me. He's a dear friend. I always feel challenged to be a better intercessor and theologian after hanging with him. He's awesome. We took my kids to the park and just talked for hours. I'm so glad he is speaking at the Desperation conference in Colorado this summer. He will be a sure hit.

This past week has been a "staycation" for me. Renata and I decided to take advantage of beautiful Colorado this year instead of loading up the kids in a van. So, we have found many little amusement parks, vacation spots and parks around here. It's been a blast actually. I've had a great week just being a dad. Playlands, coffee and diapers... c'mon!

Finally, i spoke at theMill on Friday night. Aaron Stern was in Canada with the Desperaiton Band. So, I took the reigns. We had a great night. The Mill is an incredible tribe. I enjoy hanging there.

Well, our Furnace team left for Botswana last week. I'm flying out tomorrow to join them. We are working with the poor in Botswana and hosting a night of desperation in south africa. Should be good..

Until next time...