OH! I couldn't have dreamed it up any better!

God moved powerfully at the desperation conference in Kalamazoo, Michigan. On Thursday night, Glenn Packiam wrote a spontaneous song during the ministry time. We focused on Christology (JESUS IS AWESOME) and prayed a lot. Powerful! Friday was too. In fact, after Ron Luce's session on Friday night, I couldn't end the meeting! Students began to pray and worship when I would try to end. Ah, so good.

Okay, huge confession: I love LEELAND! They are the real deal. They pray together before they go on stage. They love Jesus. Their conversation in the back room sounded like authentic Christ followers. Oh, and they are awesome worship leaders too...

Aaron Stern's message felt like David Hogan missionary stories in a Louie Giglio style. He sat on a stool and told story after story of God healing people on theMill's trip to Africa. I was moved. Of course, Dana Candler (my sister) brought amazing depth and insight. She's an amazing follower. Brent was a riot. He's all the kids favorite. Lee Cummings, the theologian, talked about the most valued real estate on the planet being one's heart. Dan Perkins had the men laughing their heads off as he broke down images of Jesus throughout the Scriptures. As you can tell, I'm still buzzing about the whole thing!

I'm home now with my family. Love that! The Desperation staff and Desperation interns went to water ski at a lake. Colorado Desperation is coming...and i can't wait!

Jesus is awesome...KTD.