Dan's getting married!

My whole family drove in last night from all over to be a part of Dan and Amy's wedding! We had a huge BBQ here at my house to celebrate them! I can't believe all of the things that they have planned. It's going to be EPIC! Move over big phat greek wedding and make way for Dan and Amy!
We had a full house of kids here! Matt and Dana have 2 kids (3 & 1). Murray and Deborah have 3 kids (2, 1 and one on the way). Renata and I have 3 between 10 months and 4. So, it was fabulous! I love all of these kids! Dawson Johnathon, Alivia Faith, Adelyn Grace, Madison Clairvoux, David Cairo, Eli Sophia Grace, Ema Jordan and Eden Kate is on the way.....
Thanks for all of your emails about desperation conferences. I'm overjoyed that God moved in so many people's lives. Thousands are living the vow. May Jesus be our all in all. I'm so thankful for all that God is doing and this is only the beginning!