Redeeming Family Christmas

Merry Christmas Eve!

I drank some coffee and a little egg nog already today! Oh yes, the festivities are upon us! I love Christmas. Today, my little family will go to Christmas Eve service, read Luke 2, eat Christmas eve Italian food, and open one present before bed! Oh yes, Renata and I have begun our first round of Christmas traditions!

Speaking of traditions, I'm in need of a good round of gift giving this year...especially to my mom. When you are a triplet, you can't help but notice what the other two siblings of the exact same age and upbringing give. Last year was a debacle. Dana gave my mom a huge canvas with their family picture on it. My mom kneeled over and nearly cried with gratitude. She looked at Dana with eyes that said, "oh Dana, you are so thoughtful, creative, and resourceful." Then it got worse, Deborah handed my mom a card. This seemed to be good for me. I thought, "a card?" Did Deborah forget my mom on Christmas? My mom actually yelled as she read the card...why? Deborah and her husband, Murray wrote that they would like to drive to my parents house (3 hours away) for a weekend to remodel their living room. Oh yes, paint the walls, redecorate, the whole nine yards! (They followed through and actually did it too)

Reluctantly, I handed my mom my gift to her.... a poorly wrapped board game from Toys R Us that i had purchased the day before. I feel small most of the time, but for about an hour, I felt like a wee hobbit. To make matters worse, we decided to all play the game and it wasn't that great of a game.

Sometimes, I feel like the Oklahoma Sooners when it comes to being a son. Like the Sooners, I do great all year. I'm awesome in the regular season. I call my mom, make visits, remember her birthday, pray for her, and help coordinate family gatherings. However, the big game...the big BCS the Sooners...I've crumbled under the pressure!

However, this year will be different for me and the Sooners! This is the year! I've spent four hours today working on my mom's gift. It's going to be great! I'm expecting a Sooner victory over Florida too. This is a new day! I've been thinking about it in the offseason and I'm not going to mess it up this year!

If you want to pray for me, that would be great. If you know how to sabotage Dana or Deborah's gifts to my mother...that's equally good!

Merry Christmas and here's a picture of the mom that's going to be screaming when she opens this year’s gift!