Welcome DLA First Year Students!

Chad- Welcome man! I love Warren Woods Naz! John Mac is my brotha.
Jessica- Welcome from Augusta! I loved being at New Hope. Glad you are here.
Anna- Welcome to Southern Colorado..your trip wasn’t too far J
Kylie- Nebraska? Hmmmm…I think we are football rivals. Welcome!
Josiah- Bro glad you are in DLA…It may have taken me 13 years to get you here, but we got the job done!
Jacob- Napa is so B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L. Give REVEREND Daniels my appreciation for sending you!
Brandon- Welcome to DLA from Iowa..hmmm, don’t know much about Des Moines other than Yonkers department store and the Ground Round restaurant on Merle Hay…
Morgan- you are so tall bro! maybe we can be on the same bball team at Gold’s gym.
Sarah- boomer! Welcome to a more beautiful state without a good football team…
Jessica- Wow, thanks for coming all the way from Florida…wow, that’s far.
Nick- From Adventure church….welcome bro
Abby- Ohio? So far away..Very cool. We are so glad you are here!
Jaylynn- that’s a super cool name. welcome to DLA…
Sean- glad you are in DLA…one of the few Springs people..
Jennifer- Canada eh? Awesome! DLA is global now!
Andrea- California….wow, lots of those! Welcome!
Leah- Marshfield! Home of the super cool movie theater downtown!
Meghan- Welcome to the Springs! Short drive for you…
Alyssa- Glad to have a Texan…like my sister-in-law.
Alana- Welcome! You are gonna love being at New Life and DLA!
Jeremy- Kansas? Wow…2 in a row. Welcome man.
Kenneth- Thanks for all of your help already bro! Welcome to the DLA tribe!
Jordan- Dude, you look like an ad from American Eagle man…cool hair!
Alyssa- Welcome from Life Church! Real. Relevant. Revolutionary! Oh ya!
Megan- Michigan! It’s even colder there than here!
Melissa- Welcome from Iowa!
Aaron- Short drive from the west side of Denver…welcome man.
Ryann- Welcome from Dallas! Brady Boyd, our pastor, is a huge Cowboy fan… you two should talk.
Jana- Maine! Wow! A Maniac! That’s amazing! Welcome to Colorado…
Abree- Welcome from Trinity! Glad you are here!
Kacee- This may be a delayed welcome, but welcome none the less. It won’t be much warmer here than Wisconsin
Kenzli- That’s a cool name. Welcome!
Carter- Welcome from Steam boat! Glad you are in the Springs for DLA man.
Jessica- Crown Point!!! Dr. Ron Johnson is the man!
Charity- Welcome! So glad you are in DLA!
Hailey- Tulsa….wahoo! Welcome! Glad you made it to DLA!
Josh- You are a preacher man! Welcome to DLA bro.
Jacob- Garden City…that was a great night of desperation….love it!
CJ- So glad you are here, a lot of years in the making, thanks for coming to DLA bro!