Notes from Desperation Prayer Summit: Session 1

We had an amazing prayer summit in Vail last week. I'll post some of the prayers | thoughts | ideas.

Session 1 (4/30/09) 7pm
Worship- Jon Egan

Prayer Direction:

Acts 2:17-21 this generation -David Perkins
Joel 2:12,13 brokenness and willing hearts, fasting -Joe Couch
Prayer for God to do what He wills -JD Swilley
Habakkuk 1:5; 3:2 -Anelise Couch
Isaiah 54:2-4 enlarge our tents and ministries -Mark Pettis
Matthew 7:7,8 -Curtis Chance
Daniel 12:3 that we will shine Christ -Beth Diehl
Psalm 89:1-17 exaltation of the greatness of God -Daniel Webb
Matthew 6:33 prayer for God's power to move -John MacDonald
Prayer against the generational curse of a spirit of defeat and fear; focus on Christ and His power; for a spirit of Victory -Jon Egan
Prayer to stand on the promise that the Spirit of the sovereign Lord is on us; send us; may revival start in our lives first -Jerry Jamison
Isaiah 61:1 -Jon Egan

Song: Light up the World

Prayer for Specific Bullets of God's Glory:
• for miracles -David Perkins

• for young people's faces to be set like flint towards God; for a generation that walks with God -Michelle Vette

• for dreams and visions; for fathers in the church; and for the fatherless to be healed; for a fearless generation -Michelle Vette

• that we would be obsessed with God and His will for our lives -Michelle Vette

• 1 Cor 6:17 Raise up a generation that glorifies God with their bodies; -Daniel Webb

• Righteousness; break immorality and bring forth Holiness and Purity -Daniel Webb

for the fatherless; that they may be given hope and that Gods light would shine into their darkened lives -Beth Diehl

for the Elisha anointing; that we would far surpass movements of the past; raise the spiritual ceilings -John MacDonald

for Faith
-John MacDonald

for the Thoughts of the young people; that they would not worry but be filled with peace
-JD Swilley

• that young people would fix their thoughts on heavenly things and the promises of God -JD Swilley

• Psalm 63 Anointing of power; for the help of God; declaring we cannot do without God -Kurt Chamberlain
• Romans 12:11,12 to never be lacking in fervor; for prayer to erupt by the Holy Spirit; that young people would be known for prayer -Joe Couch
• that we may know the hope of our calling; for God to show us His ways; illumination of God's word, that it may be life -Chris Blankenship
• Jeremiah 1:6 prayer against fear; break bondage of fear; that we would have the fear of God not man -Anelise Couch
• to have the glory of God shining from them; for people to walk in boldness and courage -Anelise Couch
• Romans 1:16 crush the spirit of shame among youth pastors; that they would stand boldly and not be ashamed of the gospel -Daniel Webb
• that the god's of this world would fall in the eyes of the youth; that God would fulfill them and raise them up -Steve Harmon
• 1 Cor 12:12 that we would be Christ’s hands and feet; that we would reach out to the lost of this generation; to know Gods call -Jacob Wheeler

Song: Light up the World

Repentance from our wicked ways: 2 Chronicles 7:14
• Repentance for:
◦ wrong motives
◦ laziness; apathy
◦ for trying to please others; let us stand firm and please God
◦ for overlooking the unloved; for playing favorites
◦ for wanting to be seen before men
◦ for looking upon and listening to things that are not of God
◦ for just looking for numbers and results and not being personal and comparison
◦ for divisions we have created
◦ for our poor examples; may we be called back to a holy lives
◦ for our freedoms being a stumbling block
◦ for creating an atmosphere of hype instead of just simply God
◦ for being just busy
◦ for letting things get in the way of spending time with God
◦ for wasting our time
◦ for believing false doctrines
◦ for judging to quickly; for looking to status
◦ for lack of preparation in sermons
◦ for just settling to do just enough; for not being excellent
◦ for not saying the hard things
◦ for living mediocre and not calling students to fullness in Christ
◦ for putting God in a box
◦ for being selfish
◦ for finding identity in ministry instead of God
◦ for searching for our own attention
◦ for just feeding ourselves and not others
◦ for not reaching out to our own families
◦ for jealousy of others becoming greater than us
◦ for not focusing on the task, but focusing on the wrong things
◦ for abuse that has been afflicted to others
◦ for forsaking our first love
◦ for not decreasing that God may increase
◦ for holding on to the little things
◦ for pride; self sufficiency
◦ for mockery
◦ for giving up
◦ for lack of passion
◦ for not supporting our pastors
◦ for talking about God but not pursuing God
◦ for being in love with ministry and not God
◦ for believing in the worlds standards and listening to it
◦ for hypocrisy; calling others to a standard but not living it ourselves
◦ for not leaving the flock to go after the one
◦ for not believing God's word
◦ for resting in the world instead of God
◦ for not choosing joy in all circumstances
◦ for relying on our own strength
◦ for having secret ambition
◦ for making promises that we can't keep
◦ for doing ministry as a job
◦ for reading the bible for sermons
◦ for forsaking the least and choosing the more lovable
◦ for forgetting where we came from
◦ for forgetting of the great price you paid for us
◦ for not functioning in excellence in everything
◦ for self righteousness
◦ for making converts rather than disciples
◦ for not believing in who God says we are
◦ for putting a lid on God
◦ for living with condemnation
◦ for not being prepared for the harvest
◦ for not asking for dreams and visions
◦ for not longing for God's return
◦ for living in religion instead of relationship
◦ for being frustrated with others
◦ for quitting before we start
◦ for not going with faith
◦ for doubting God's promises
◦ for not staying in God's authority
◦ for living on yesterdays revelation

Song: I Exalt Thee

-God wants to remove us from slavery and wants to make us as His sons and daughters. Romans 8:14. -Michelle Vette
-God wants to bring a spirit of Adoption
-Prayer to receive that -David Perkins