Pray For The Desperation Leadership Academy Mission Trips


This team will be working with our contact doing a variety of community outreach projects and ministry to local peoples. It is primarily a labor trip with a nice twist of children’s ministry and local church relationships. Their objectives will include the construction of a water tank, latrine system, care packages to local villages, community renewal (clean up process), painting, church building improvements, and children’s ministry. They will all be staying at the beach in a home in La Ceiba (nearby town from the airport).


This team will be working with our contacts at the largest church in Berlin (it holds nearly 3000 people, but has a weekly attendance of around 500-700 people – the spiritual environment of Germany is in a very desperate state, though ripe for salvation). This trip will primarily involve a lot of prayer, focusing on the Seven Spheres of Society (Arts and Entertainment, Education, Politics, etc…). They will be visiting significant spiritual sites that designate strongholds over the land, and praying through them. Additionally they will visit the location of the 100year Moravian prayer movement (Read about the 100yr prayer meeting in Herrnhut, Germany online)…about an hour and a half from Berlin – from which much of our history as a school stems in our structure and design. This too will be a powerful experience.

Prayer Points

- There will be a prayer meeting for those who are going on the trip Sat evening at 10pm, in the World Prayer Center here on campus (anyone local is welcome to join us!)

- Unity: amongst team members, between teams and contacts, and in the vision and purpose for us being in these locations

- Focus on the strategic objective of the trip, relationships, and ministry, and not to be distracted by menial things the enemy would send our way

- Strength and health: long hours of work and long hours of prayer can be tiring and really depleting

- That God would allow us to be genuinely used as His hands and feet in the places that we are going

- That the Lord would radically alter the hearts and lives of all students and staff that are going

- Safety and protection in our environments and travel