Guest Blog: Jon Egan of Desperation Band.... New CD hit yesterday!

This is Jon Egan from the Desperation Band. We just entered a very exciting week! The Desperation Band's first ever studio worship album, Light Up The World, hit the streets! The project launched on iTunes yesterday and we're already overwhelmed at what God is doing with it. The testimonies are flooding in!

As many of you know, this project reaches out like never before. For years our roots have been in deep intercession and prayer. We see God raising up pockets of revival in different locations on the earth and it's always where people are gathering as pray. More than ever we are receiving reports of young people launching prayer meetings in their churches and schools! The desperation VOW is being lived out in real ways! Our commitment to prayer has grown immensely in the last year and it is reflected strongly on the new album.

Throughout history, prayer movements turn into missions movements. We are seeing this exact transition take place in our lives. We've seen a phenomenal move within our young people in the last year that has turned us all upside down. God has drawn the gaze of thousands of young people here in America to orphans in Africa. From the hearts and commitment of our youth ministry, we raised enough money to build 4 orphan homes in Africa! Then, in the June and July Desperation Conferences, we raised enough money to build 3 more! The new album is a vehicle to tell this miraculous story and, God willing, inspire youth ministries around the world to get involved.

This project is prayer and intimacy colliding with compassion and purpose. I think so often believers are waiting on a move of God when God is waiting on man to move. We are realizing now more then ever that God's love and power is inside us. We have what we need to impact the planet. We just need to act!

As our friends and family of Desperation, I wanted to personally invite you to partner to see God move through this project. It's more than music. It's much, much more. With all humility, I believe God has big plans for the album. The journey to get it done was unlike any other project so far. The spiritual war over us has been intense. It all highlights God's purpose!

Light Up The World points people outward, not inward. It highlights the heart of God, not the talent of man. It's a voice for those who can't speak for themselves. I'm proud to release a project with such focus.

Pray with us to see God use this tool for His Glory and intention!
Together we are better. May His kingdom come!

Jon Egan
Desperation Band