Desperation Leadership Academy

Tyrel Koenes was here all of last week. We are crafting DLA to really be built on devotion, intercession, consecration and mission. I am so thankful for his leadership and wisdom. Our team laughed and prayed a lot while we met in the World Prayer Center last week. Please be praying for him because he is selling his moving and having a baby in the same month! Yikes! Can you even imagine trying to do that? DLA will be fantastic next year. We start in January with students that are between 18-25 years old that want to take a the spring and summer to pursue God, pray hard, and reach a generation.
Also, we are partnering with the Watchman Training Center to build night and day prayer here in Colorado Springs! It's so much fun!
If you are hungry to take a season to really seek after God and meet other young leaders in your generation then DLA may be your next step. Here is a snapshot of Ron Luce talking about DLA.