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Yes, heaven on earth is a marked up Bible, a great cup of coffee, some free time, and a killer commentary! I'm in Kansas City, MO today enjoying all of the above. As my friend Aaron Stern says, "life is good!"

Tonight I'm teaching at Life Church in Olathe, KS. One of my buds, Clint Sprague, pastors the church and I love this church. Anyway, God has been teaching me about overcoming. Jesus told His disciples that He would overcome the world (Jn 16:33). He stated that there would be people that actually overcome (Rev 2:7, 2:11, 2:26, 3:5, 3:21). Thus, more and more, I'm convinced that it is possible. It's possible to overcome when we think about Satan as a real enemy that we have the weapons, power to defeat. When I think of my life as just "avoiding sin," than I become weak. However, when I think about conquering the enemy in every facet of gives me confidence. Jesus ability to lead us is greater than the enemy'd ability to defeat us. Oh, I like that...I'm putting that in my outline for tonight's service.

I've received some questions as to if the Desperation Band will be with me this weekend in KC. No, they aren't. However, the worship at Life rocks! Jared Scholz is amazing (Life's worship pastor).

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