Conference Downloads

Hey everyone!

We hope that you are all doing well. We wanted to give you a couple quick updates for the Desperation '07 Conference. First of all, we have placed some helpful downloads on our site that you can use with your friends, youth groups or college groups. They are:

1. Conference Promo Video. This is a pretty big file, so make sure to give yourself enough time. We wanted to give you a good quality video to show to groups if, for some reason, you haven't received the DVD in the mail yet. Feel free to download and use however you like. You will need Quicktime or a Quicktime Alternative to play it.

2. Promotional Poster. This pdf of the conference poster is available for printing. Again, this is included in our promotional packets that are sent to all churches/individuals who request them (to request a packet, click here). If you would rather have posters directly from us, please contact us at any time and we'll get those right out to you.

3. Leader's Guide. This is the motherload of conference information! We've included info on scheduling, housing, food, maps, speakers and all the things that make for a great experience.

4. In about a month, we will also have a new piece for leaders called "The Colorado Experience" and "The Alabama Experience". This is a project we have been working on specifically for leaders who would like build extra activities around the conference, such as white water rafting, horseback riding, hiking Pikes Peak or any number of fabulous events in Colorado or Alabama. We need another week or so to do all detail work so that you don't have to mess with it from wherever you are in the country ... and it's our gift to you. If you have any specific questions about things to do in either location for large groups, contact us asap and we will include it in the packet.

-- Brett Payne