Life Church in KC and Sioux Falls, SD

Ahh, we had a great event last night at Life Church! Powerful. Packed auditorium. Many of the students committed to start prayer meetings on campuses. Loved it. Clint Sprague and Gregg Hall are great friends and we loved partnering with them.

We drove on the bus all day to South Dakota. Whew...long day! I loved hanging with Furnace gang on the bus. We rolled in to SD for an event at...

Church At The Gate!

Great night. My favorite moment was when Jared Anderson broke into "Rain down" by Deliriou5 as we were praying over the college campuses in this region. There were lots of college students tonight. In fact, I met some that drove from St. Paul and others that drove down from Mankato, MN. I really enjoyed this church

Pastor Steve Hickey and Matt Larson were great hosts.

Off to Illinois in the morning...