Quad Cities, Detroit, Chicago, KC, & St. Joe & Birmingham

Wow! What a whirlwind...

God moved in power on this tour. Man, I loved it. I love the way that God works when we simply ask..

Quad Cities was amazing. Huge turnout. Powerful prayer time. I sensed God in a powerful way that night. Thanks to Steve Harmon & Scott Schaefer for playing a key role in mobilization. Lee Bezotte is launching a Furnace there. Check it out at www.furnacemidwest.com

Detroit was super powerful. I connected with youth pastors that are planning on bringing their youth ministries to Desperation Michigan this June. On Sunday morning, I got to speak for Warren Woods Sunday morning services. Love that church! John MacDonald is an amazing youth pastor.

On Monday, we had the opportunity to hear from Mike Bickle at the International House of Prayer in Kansas City. Ah, those notes are so amazing. I'll be pondering those for the next month.

St. Joe was a blast. Our prayer time focused on campuses. Ben Montgomery is a very cool, young youth pastor. Enjoyed it.

After tour, Jared Anderson and I took off to Birmingham, AL to hang with Church of the Highlands. The last night, almost 100% of the tribe came forward to live a "focused life."

God is working. He's alive. I love this journey.