Burst in Estes Park

Estes Parks is beautiful! I'm here with one of my staff guys, Austin, at a youth retreat for Victory Church in Denver.

Lastnight, we had a powerful service where student were repenting of sin and responding to God's love. Awesome.

The youth pastor, Doug Walker, has been in youth ministry at the church for like 15 years. That's fantastic, a rare gem in youth ministry. Few guys stay the course that long. We need more that will...

We hung out at Starbucks (beautiful) in town yesterday. Young leaders from the church were discussing the Scriptures with Bibles open. Kids worship aggressively. It's a great church and a great weekend.

Austin is a riot! He traveled to Ft. Collins a few days ago with my brother Dan. Now, he's hanging with me... He keeps talking to kids about how "live the vow." I love that!