A Tribute to my Grandfather

I am unable to be at the funeral for my grandfather, Ken Vogt, tomorrow. It's in Canada. However, he leaves a legacy of devotion to Jesus.

February 11, 2008 | A Tribute to Papa

Many young Christians begin devoted, fervent and focused. Few finish that way. Somewhere along the journey of life, many deteriorate into cynicism and passivity. Papa refused to be one of them. He lived a cut above, set a part, and devoted to Jesus till He met Him face to face.

When I was in college at Southern Nazarene University, Papa sent me a tape in the mail. On the tape, Papa told stories of past encounters with God. He beckoned me to seek God with fervency all the days of my life. In my little red Ford Mustang, I asked God for supernatural help to follow Jesus like Papa.

Every man leaves a legacy. His name means something. When one says his name, an idea comes to mind. When one says, “Ken Vogt,” devotion, service, giving, and worship come to my mind. May his legacy continue through Papa’s children, grandchildren and great grandchildren…