3's a crowd

Renata and I spent the evening yesterday with my two sisters, Dana Candler and Deborah Hiebert. Dana lives in Kansas City and Deborah lives in Post Falls, Idaho. All of us were in KC yesterday, so we snagged dinner. Of course, it's a bit chaotic with all the little kids running around, but really great.
We talked about God, family and ministry. My heart soars when I hang with them. It's more than the triplet thing. They really know God in a powerful way. I won't brag on them too much on this blog, but I sure felt challenged just hanging out with them. Matt (my brother-in-law) loaded me up with IHOP cd's as we left. Dana handed us a Bible for our kids, uh, I love it. They are so authentic! As Renata and I drove our Perkins tribe away in our ultra cool 1999 minivan, we talked about discipline, prayer, fasting, raising kids in American culture. Ahh.. what a journey ahead!

Well, we launch our spring tour today. I'm jazzed. I'm eager to pray with the Furnace tribe tonight. We start in Garden City, Kansas. The bus rolls in this afternoon. Pastor Neil Burum is the Senior Pastor and his daughter, Macy, is in the desperation internship. So, there's already a real connect. I'm eager for us all to really encounter Jesus tonight... I feel like there's a holy hunger within our tribe. We need God to come near us and to us tonight. May the fire burn bright in Garden City, Kansas tonight!