Ah! Home at last!
The Desperation Tour went really well! It was fun to be in Amarillo at Trinity Church. We had a great event. Plus, our pastor, Brady Boyd, spoke on Sunday morning there. So, he pushed the event and we had a great turn out. What a great church! I really enjoyed the staff there, super fun.

Okay, so I flew from tour to the arc pastor's conference at church of the highlands in Birmingham. That was a blast. Many of my closest friends were there. Aaron Stern and I stayed at Layne Schranz house. Blast! It reminded me of the "General Assembly" in the church of the Nazarene when I was growing up. Lots of pastors. Lots of lunches and coffee meetings. Great speakers. Buzz. Buzz. Buzz. Awesome pastors that are eager to reach the lost. (Minus ballots and delegates)

Ron Luce was there! He's the biggest champion of the next generation that I know. I told him about the new DLA (Desperation Leadership Academy) and he was super stoked. Plus, Brian Houston was the keynote speaker. He's the senior pastor of Hillsong in Australia. He talked about growing your church young. Super Life-giving. Obviously, a great leader.

Chris Hodges spoke on some of the battles that church planters fight. I think all pastors struggle with the battles he spoke of. I really enjoyed his talk. The "god of this age" (2 Cor 4:4) attacks when churches are taking new territory. He talked about the battles against demonic attack, rejection, loneliness, temptation and discouragement.

Anyway, after the conference, I flew to KC and picked up my family! Ah, that was a great reunion! We played a bit at my kids favorite restaurants and hung out with family.

Finally, we stopped in Garden City, KS and I spoke at Cornerstone on Sunday morning. That's a great church! We really enjoyed spending time there.

And the whirlwind is over! Back in home sweet Colorado home!