Living the Vow

My friend, John Mac, from Warren Woods Church of the Nazarene sent me this picture yesterday while I was on vacation with my kids in California. It fired me up with excitement. Students put this in their prayer room at the church. It's easy to take the Vow, but it's work to live the vow.
Right now, I'm overwhelmed how easy it is to live for self and not serve others. It's easy to be a skeptic when it comes to eternity, prayer, and fasting. That's why I'm so excited that we are all going against the cultural norm together by living this vow. Sure, we have good days and hard days. However, we are going to fight to keep our heart's alive in God, fast, pray and fulfill the dreams of God on our lives. Don't waste your life. Spend it on Jesus, His church, the poor, the nations and those that have never heard about Him. Don't give up. The church's best days are yet ahead.