Desperation Youth Leader Roundtable

This week, Brent Parsley and I spent a couple days praying and discussing youth ministry ideas with some of the greatest youth pastors in the nation. They flew in from all over the country and stayed in the hotel rooms at the World Prayer Center. Hanging was fun. Discussions were good, but the highlight was praying together.

Each of these youth ministers carries a heavy load at their local church youth ministries. Like an ox pulling a load, they lead prayer, confront sin, preach, set up systems, etc. Thus, I expected that conversation about youth ministry methodology would be the central theme. However, in the short time we had, the highlight was praying together. Brent and I had scheduled a little prayer at the beginning. Yet, we found ourselves tweaking the schedule because the guys were hungry to pray.

E.M Bounds wrote, “The church is looking for better methods, but God is looking for better men.” We discovered that first hand this week and I am massively encouraged about the ideas that were generated to facilitate that hunger to pray.