Desperation Youth Leader Prayer Summit

God continues to do exciting things as His people pray and I'm eager to share with you about our upcoming youth leader prayer summit.

In September, Brent Parsley and I met with youth leaders from across the nation at the World Prayer Center in Colorado Springs. As we talked about effectively reaching a generation, we felt compelled to unite as youth leaders in friendship and prayer. Each of us brings incredible skills and resources to the table; yet so often many of us find ourselves yearning for authentic relationships and more of God's presence in our lives and ministries.

With that in mind, we invite you to join us and others in Vail, Colorado for the Desperation Youth Leader Prayer Summit. Held April 30 through May 2, it will be a time of worship with the Desperation Band, prayer, relationship-building and dialogue about ways to influence youth for Christ. Space is limited so please register as early as possible by clicking on the following link.