Living Lights in a Dark World

Life Church in Olathe, KS has grown significantly since it began. On Sunday, I had the privilege to speak there. They were super receptive. I talked about the socially “awkward moments” that authentic Christianity will create.

Jesus invited us to be His light to a broken world. American culture is cluttered with materialism, hedonism, and narcissism. . Truthfully, it’s difficult to be steer clear of those “isms.” Even more, it’s challenging to lead others to Jesus who was poor, did not pursue worldly pleasure, and was the greatest servant. It requires going against the flow.

As Christ followers, we daily choose to be light in the midst of darkness. Some are drawn to it, but others resist. As we represent Christ, we must be authentically “different.” It’s a burden and a delight at the same time.

While I was in Kansas City, I spent time with my parents their closest friends, Daniel and Carol Ketchum. The two couples were friends in college and went to seminary together. They have followed Jesus closely for over forty years. I mean….closely! Like, they have dug their noses into His shoulder blades. The four of them sat together on the front row as I talked. It’s easier to preach that idea when there are people on the front row that have lived it.

May Jesus grant each of us strength to live as “peculiar people” that go against the cultural flow.