Top Ten Ways You Know You Married a Woman With a Faster Metabolism Than You:

10) You pick where to go on date night based upon the dessert menu.
9) You keep buying scales and she keeps throwing them away or putting them in the cupboard.
8) She perceives a Taco Bell Fourth Meal commercial to be a good idea and not merely a marketing campaign.
7) You spend more money at the concession stand than the ticket stand.
6) People bypass you to ask her about her exercise routine even though she doesn’t workout.
5) She orders chocolate milkshakes at McDonalds and you order water.
4) You look worse than she does after three pregnancies.
3) You have a special list of items from the grocery store while she eats what the kids are eating.
2) The photographer constantly asks you to tilt your head a different way in the pictures while she remains picture perfect.
1) More than 20 friends have said, “Thank God your kids look like her!”