Session 3

Session 3 (5/1/09)

Worship: -Joe Couch

-1 Kings 19:9-14 “What are you doing here? What does God want to do?” -Mark Pettus

-Justin Chandler shared about how he gathered with other youth leaders from his from His city and how they planned and prayed together to reached their city. It is so important to gather together to pray

-David Perkins, followed up by saying that it’s not all about talking method, but also praying

-Joshua Meyer wrote a love letter to his wife, to reaffirm his relationship with his wife and to keep it a priority over ministry.

-Curtis Chance shared about his refusal to lose heart in the hard times.

-Ashley Hochhalter shared about mobilizing the youth in her city to reach out to their own in the city and not just reaching out when it comes to doing a missions trip.

-Chris Blankenship shared the verse in Exodus 33:7-11 and about how God put it on his heart to cultivate hearts for prayer in all of life not just before dinner.

-John MacDonald shared a quote from Smith Wigglesworth. He wants a fire to be started wherever his students go, because there is a fire inside of them and the power of the Holy Spirit. We need to be a part of the body of Christ, not part of a certain denomination.

-We prayed over David Perkins and Brent Parsley for continued favor and the power of the Holy Spirit.

-Shirley Chance got a picture of the run off water from the Rocky Mountains, and how the ministry from David P and Brent P at New Life will spill out everywhere like that water. She also got the words, “you can have the gold but don't touch the glory.”

-John MacDonald prayed for everyone for more of God, for more fire from God, for a fresh anointing on us all and a passion and fervor for more of God, for the gift of healing, prophecy, for the spirit of boldness, for a great understanding of our identity in God. That we would move like a mighty army. That we would move by the Spirit and by the power of the Spirit.

-Steve Harmon shared about how God challenged him to have belief, and to no longer operate in a spirit of fear over his youth group.

-Michelle shared to Steve that he is in rhythm with God's timing. God will never leave him or forsake him and that God sees his heart.

-We prayed for Steve that he would have a spirit of boldness and courage. We prayed that the spirit of fear would be broken.

-Beth Diehl prayed for Steve to be bold like a lion.

-As we need the air to breathe, are we living our lives the same way with God, that we would breathe His presence in everyday of our lives. Shared by Derek Jerome

-Daniel Webb shared Haggai 2:6, 7. To speak it over this tribe that is here.

-David Perkins followed up more with verses after and how it speaks of the end when Christ returns. He was convicted from last night on how we don't long for Christ's return.

-Joe Couch prayed for us, that we would have that longing in our hearts.

**after each person shared we prayed for them as a group

-Michelle read Hebrews 11:10. She sensed that God is beckoning us to look to God and to have faith like those in the Bible, we have more revelation then they ever had. That we would have a love for God like they did, that nothing would stop us from pursuing that. She prayed that over all of us.

-Ashley H felt like we should pray for God visit each of us individually, as a group and for His presence.

-Samantha Covert gave a word to Michelle Vette, Justin Steinhart and Joe Couch.