Session 4

Session 4 (5/2/09) 10am

Worship -Joe Couch


-Eph 3:14-19 prayed for might and strength, to be rooted and grounded in love -David Perkins

-Romans 8:13 prayed for a spirit of discernment between the flesh and the Spirit
continued through vs 14-17 prayer for us to live in the Spirit and to know that we are heirs
-Michelle Vette

-Luke 10:17-24 prayer for Mark and Jill Pettus as they are moving in faith to put on the Motion Conference. Prayer for God to move in this mightily -John MacDonald

-Colossians 1:9-12 prayer for everyone us in the room, for knowledge and wisdom, to live a life worthy of the Lord, to please God in every way, for our lives to bear fruit, that we may be strengthened in God's power and not our own, that our love may abound and grow more and more, for endurance and patience, for a great harvest in this generation, for true worship, for salvations
-Dan Perkins

-Romans 12:9-12 prayer for Gods love in us to be sincere towards others, that we would hold each other accountable, to keep each other alive in spiritual fervor, for our hearts to be filled with joy, for patience, to increase our desire for a greater level of prayer. -Anelise Couch

-2 Tim 2 Prayer for Derek, that he would endure hardship and persevere -Chris Blankenship

-Romans 15:1-6 prayer for every ministry represented, that as we head home we would rise up in unity and in a brotherhood with others around our own perspective communities, to function like the body of Christ. -Daniel Webb

-Prayer for 3rd years and Detroit interns... Open up opportunities for them... That they would truly be world changers. Open doors for them and favor. To truly lead this generation. They would move in such faith, with such boldness. That they would be anointed with authority and power. Shake them and draw them close to you. May they be consecrated and set apart for you. Call them out by name. Give them ears to hear. Faith to move mountains. Willing hearts and service. Their intimacy with you would be above any activity they do. Your scripture would reign in them. They would have the blessing of Elisha...double blessing. When they seek you with their whole heart they will find you. Their one desire would be to know you. Your commands would reign in their hearts. They would link hearts and arms and take this world together. Spiritual mothers and fathers would come up behind them to support them. Angels to be around them and about them. Angels to be assigned to them. Renew their minds. They would speak forth your Word and truth. Faith that is unshakable and perseveres. Faith and understanding to command the darkness to flee. They would walk in Your power and Your authority. Increase their knowledge and understanding.

-Prayer with David for the Desperation Conferences this summer. That this generation would rise up and become mighty men and women of God. That they would take this planet. That they would live in , Desperate Pursuit, Diligent Prayer, Consecrated Hearts, and Focused Lives.

-Prayer over the Map of the US and a movement in our Nation. For a youth prayer movement that would move in the local church, sustained by young people. That students who go to the conference would go home and ignite their cities. For Motion Conference to impact the entire eastern sea board, that it would launch new conferences and thousands of kids would go home and live holy lives, that it would be a spring board, an awakening in Birmingham. For senior pastors to have desperate hearts and to lead the way for this generation. For the entire nation of youth pastors to have endurance and that they would press through and not quit, that it would be an example to students. For California, San Fran and LA, that youth ministers in that area would have hope and fresh revelation, that their lights would shine, that God would be glorified through them. To raise the level of discernment in the youth and the church, that truth would reign there. That youth pastors would be joined together in unity and vision, that authenticity would rise up in the bible belt area. For student leaders would rise up and answer God's call and be willing. For God to get into the churches, every church. For people that have been hurt by the church, that they would come back.

Worship: Hear us from Heaven!

Psalm 113:3 -Daniel Webb